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NCASA Calendar

2018 NCASA Annual General Meeting Sunday April 14th, 2019

NCASA Night at the Races Banquet 2019

Demonstration Sail Open House 2019

Démonstration de voile adaptée –
Journée portes ouvertes 2019

June 22nd 2019 Get-Out-on-the-Water Open House / Demonstration Sail

July 6th and 7th

with a possible Training Day on July 5th!

NCC Results from 2018 Gold Fleet can be found here

NCC Results from 2018 Silver Fleet can be found here

National Capital Cup (NCC)


GOLD Fleet
2017 – Pierre Richard (AQVA)
2016 – Pierre Richard (AQVA)
2015 – Pierre Richard (AQVA)
2014 – Pierre Richard (AQVA)
2013 – Marc Villeneuve (AQVA)
2012 – Marc Villeneuve (AQVA)
2011 – Pierre Richard (AQVA)
2010 – Pierre Richard (AQVA)

2017 – Liane Carmel (NSC)
2016 – Guy Bergeron (AQVA)
2015 – Brian Peckover (NSC)
2014 – Jean-Francois Granger (AQVA)
2013 – Jean-Paul Dussseault (AQVA)
2012 – Ralph Nolting (NSC) (1959 – 2012)
2011 – Karel Regnier (NSC)
2010 – George Simpson (NSC)

FRASER Tray (Best NCC Rookie)
2017 – Monique Trudel (AQVA)
2016 – Guy Bergeron (AQVA)
2015 – Brian Peckover (NSC)
2014 – Paul Rees (NSC)
2013 – Jean-Francois Granger (AQVA)
2012 – Ralph Nolting (NSC) (1959 – 2012)
2011 – Sue Kline (NSC)
2010 – Phillippe Lepage (AQVA)

NATIONAL CAPITAL CUP 2015 July 4th and 5th

Results can be found here

Demonstration sails provide new sailors with an opportunity to try sailing with no obligations. An experienced companion sailor will take you for a 30 minute sail. A word of caution “those 30 minutes may change your life”‘ Our Registered Charitable Number is: #873218663RR0001

at the Rebab Centre Ottawa
May 26, 2015 – Huge Success

We’re dedicated to giving you the opportunity to sail during the 2016 season.

 NCASA has 5 Martin 16 involved

Our Mission:

To promote the participation of people with disabilities in full and active lifestyles through sailing.


Training Day May 24, 2015

Another success

Recreational Sailing:

Recreational sailing gives sailors the opportunity to practice their skills on the Ottawa River


Racing encourages sailors to build and test their sailing skills against the sailors.